What happens when you place your wheel order?

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What happens when you place your wheel order?

  1. You place your order with the 50% deposit, week one.

  2.  Your centers go from the shelf to machining, a couple days to finish, week two.

  3.  Your barrels are shipped from the manufacturer in Indiana which takes about 4 days to get to our polisher in California. 

  4.  At this time your centers have left machining and are at the polisher and or powder coater  at week two.

  5.  Your finished centers and finished barrels end up at assembly for completion within two days, week three.

  6.  End of week three your wheels are shipped to you after balance of payment is received. 


* Because of back logs, machine break downs, employees not showing up, delays will be unavoidable, adding a week or so to the build.

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