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 Who Is Esajian Wheel?

This picture was how my love for this industry started. My oldest brother Richard invented the bullet hubcap for chrome wheels in 1959. He and my older brother Bruce started Esajian Enterprises in 1967. I was drawn to the business and industry like a kid in a candy store. About 13 years ago I started building wheels using centers from a local foundry. The creation of something special was very satisfying but there was something more. Through some challenges of building a product line I came to the conclusion it's not about me - it's about you. How can we help the car or truck builder achieve a good, clean look without breaking the bank and being a gaudy distraction? Your ride is our pride and the overall look is our goal. Now Esajian Wheel designs and builds custom multi piece American made wheels. Your ride is the most important thing in designing a wheel, not what we think is cool but which custom wheels look better on your ride than on the wheel rack. Your car or truck is paramount, period! We offer simplicity in design so the look fits any ride.

Esajian Wheels delivers custom wheels that are built to your specs.

When we start your order we go over size and back space for optimum depth. The depth of your wheel lip depends on the distance from the face of the brake hub to the fender lip. Also if you have a narrowed rear axle that really helps with a deeper lip on your wheel. The style of the wheel is always a factor for how deep your wheel will be. We will also discuss your suspension and body modifications, wheel finish and any other areas of concern. You’ll be notified of when the center goes to machining, when the center goes to getting a particular finish and the final stage when the centers are at assembly.

Our wheels have a 1 year warranty while most wheel company warranties void after three months.

We believe in our product and all our wheels are MADE IN AMERICA plus we believe a one year warranty sets us apart from the competition. Wondering how long it takes to complete a build? Vendors or suppliers get behind, which can cause wheels to be behind in schedule. As many of you who are in the manufacturing industry may know, coordinating production with key suppliers is often very difficult and there are over 30 different processes that go into building your wheels. Our wheels are custom built to order not mass produced and we take pride in your ride so it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete your custom wheels.

Customer Reviews

"Best polish I've ever used. With other polishes I had to make multiple hits, with Adam's it was one pass and my 2 piece aluminum wheels look almost chrome, amazing stuff! Thanks for recommending Adam's to me Ken."   


"After seeing a picture of these wheels online i had to have a set, we are 1000's of kilometers away and were unsure if ESAJIAN would be interested in sending wheels half way around the world...boy was i wrong... Ken was extremely helpful and was extremely prompt, in fact made the effort to call us in Australia to talk over details. I'm over the moon with the wheels and cant wait to share pics of the car once its finished."


"Loved the price on the wheels good people to deal with thanks jay and ken for your awesome wheels highly recommend people u will not be disappointed"


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